Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders with Alternative Measures. 


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Friends, family, and community have increasingly been asking what the COVID-19 pandemic is doing to people’s mental health and what we should do about it. Without question, the pandemic’s impacts are increasing the severity of symptoms of trauma and mental health issues for all but especially hitting the lives of teens and their families.

Not surprisingly the professionals expect to see the need for mental health support grow astronomically over the next year and even decades following this pandemic. As the spotlight on the virus fades, the new public health crises will be grief, rising mental health diagnoses, increased substance abuse, and increased suicides.

We need to prepare by gathering as a community, to improve mental health options, and obtain support while bridging the gap to help parents and teens find and access alternative treatments, therapies, and resources available.

Mental Health Alternatives, Inc is a nonprofit organization that is working together through community and collaborations to radically change how we think, talk and support mental health.



Our Mission is a response to the intense need for mental health support by informing teens and parents and bringing awareness to the variety of alternative mental health options available within the community.

Who is in the Mental Health Alternative community?



Our community is filled with a selection of modalities, mentors and practitioners ranging from Life Coaches, Mindfulness Mentors, Health Coaches, Yoga Teachers, Shamans, Massage Therapists, Sound Healers, Spiritual Teachers, Belly Dancers, Plant Therapy, EFT Tapping, Meditation, Fitness Instructors, Dance & Movement, Float Tanks and so much more!

Teens need good mental health to develop in a healthy way, build strong relationships, adapt to change, and deal with life’s challenges.


Teenagers who have good mental health often:

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Empowering the next generation of leaders with alternative measures. 

Do you know a teenager that could use some support in dealing with stress, lacking confidence & overall wellness? Tell us more about them so we can gift them with a session with one of our alternative practitioners. 

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Meet the Outreach Team


Diane Winiarczyk

Functional Health Coach

Amy Casas

Mindfulness Coach

Elizabeth Sanchez

Holistic Life Coach

Together we can give teenagers the support to live happy fulfilled lives.


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